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One Fall afternoon, my son and I went shopping for soccer cleats.  If you aren't familiar with how soccer works these days, it is essentially a year round sport that requires money, month after month, year after year.  While looking for the newest thing in soccer cleats, my son had the audacity to ask for a new pair of Nikes. " I mean, why not Dad, we're here" he said as if proximity was an acceptable reason to spend money.  So now I am looking at new cleats and new shoes!  Normally, I would have gone ballistic, but fortunately for both of us, I managed to keep my cool.  I kindly said "NO" and got on with the business at hand, trying to find a pair of inexpensive cleats.  As we went from aisle to aisle, I realized that today's kids are colorful and like to demonstrate their individuality.  It's a lot like the 1960's only more commercialized.  My son really wanted a pair of brightly colored Nikes but he conveniently forgot that I had just bought him a pair two months earlier.  Instead, I suggested that he look at some new laces to shake things up.  He agreed but to our amazement there was little to choose from.  Apart from a few neon colored shoe laces, the pickings were slim and that is when it hit me.  Why not use the shoelace to demonstrate your individuality?  It's fun, stylish and inexpensive. 
At Kicktyz, all we do is laces.  Our goal is to create fun fashionable shoelaces in a variety of styles and colors that anyone can enjoy.  Whether you choose to replace your laces once, occassionally or daily (like my son)  you will get more life out of your shoe and more enjoyment out of life. 
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