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Fundraising Program

Welcome to Schooltyz!  Schooltyz is a easy and fun way to raise money for schools.  The program is simple, contact Kicktyz to get a school specific coupon code.  When someone puchases Kicktyz laces and enters your school's specific coupon code at check out, Kicktyz will donate half the proceeds to your school on a monthly basis.  Simple right?  So how do you raise awareness?  You only need to promote the coupon code to your students.  It can be as simple as sending a flyer home with your students or an email to your student's parents.  There is no selling, no door to door, and parents will appreciate this simple and effective way to raise money to benefit your school.  Best of all, your student's will love Kicktyz laces! 
In addition to Kicktyz designed laces, the Schooltyz program offers custom designed shoelaces.  Laces custom designed for your school promote school spirit, community awareness and provide an additional layer of fundraising capabilities.  Custom shoelaces can be sold through the Kicktyz website or resold by the school.  If you would like more information about the Schooltyz program, please contact Kicktyz at service@kickyz.com or at 615-261-8606 for more information. 
Thanks for your interest in Schooltyz!